Monday, 30 March 2015

Caring For Your BEAUTIFUL GCW Cabinetry

How do I clean my beautiful GCW Cabinetry? A question we are always asked! You want to keep your dream kitchen sparkling and stunning… here's how to maintain it's beauty for years to come:

Wood Face Frames: You have chosen Craftsman style cabinetry with wood doors and framework. Face frames are constructed from individual pieces of wood. The joints where the vertical parts meet the horizontal parts are susceptible to movement from the expansion and contraction that these parts experience with fluctuations in temperature and humidity and therefore small cracks may be visible over time.

Wood Doors: All wood doors will expand and contract with changes in temperature and levels of humidity. Although every precaution is taken to reduce the noticeable effects of expansion and contraction during the manufacturing process, variations in humidity levels may cause visible changes to the doors. With low humidity, the center panel of wood doors may contract and expose small areas of unfinished wood. With high humidity, doors may show minor gaps in the joints and the frames may bow slightly. These conditions are normal and temporary; they will disappear when the humidity returns to a moderate level. These potential fluctuations can be reduced or even eliminated if the humidity in the home is controlled and kept constant. Small amounts of touch-up stain can be made available for pick-up when requested, at no charge.

Wood Variations: The beauty and uniqueness of natural wood brings with it an intrinsic quality in grain and colour variation. The Craftsman Series of wood products consists of doors with a “Select” grade of wood (unless requested otherwise); small knots and mineral streaks are greatly reduced however, some mild variation in grain and colour should be expected. Lighter stains will enhance these characteristics; darker stains will tone down these characteristics and increase the overall appearance of uniformity to the finished product.

Antique Finishes: All antique finishes feature a hand crafted appearance, which gives this product the “antique look” which is so popular in today’s market. This process is applied manually, which will result in variations in the uniformity and consistency of the antiquing. The finished product is unique in appearance and the amount of antiquing may also vary from showroom samples.

General Information: Although GCW only uses the highest quality of paints and stains that are available on today’s market, it is important to remember that these products require extra care to maintain longevity. All finished products will require a minimum of 30 days to cure; more time may be required with higher levels of humidity. Therefore, extra caution is required in the handling of these products during this cure time.

Colour Samples: Showroom samples are only a reasonable representation of the final product at best; stain may vary slightly from batch to batch and the wood grain of samples will also be varied. These products are hand finished; therefore, some minor variation may also occur at the finishing stage.

Antique, Glazed & Finishes: All antiqued or glazed finishes feature a hand-crafted appearance, which gives this product the “antique look” which is so popular in today’s market. This process is applied manually, which will result in variations in the uniformity and consistency of the antiquing. The finished product is unique in appearance and the amount of antiquing may also vary from showroom samples.

Care and Maintenance: A solution of mild dish soap and water is ideal for cleaning all components of the cabinetry and countertops. DO NOT RUB excessively in one area as this may polish or bring up a glossy area noticeable in the light. All cabinetry must be dried immediately after cleaning. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, pads, thick cream solutions, bleach or furniture polish on any part of the cabinetry. WD40 may be used to remove stubborn stains on the melamine cabinet components, followed by a soapy water rinse and towel dry.

*the above applies to wood cabinetry. MDF Painted cabinetry is also to be cleaned with a solution of mild dish soap and water as well. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Choosing Timeless Finishes

When deciding to renovate your kitchen, or contemplating building a new house there is one thing that most people worry about - choosing the best finishes that will not date themselves in a few years.

There's something to be said about that classic, timeless look that can stand the test of time.
But how do you achieve such a look?

Source: Style At Home

First of all, think first and foremost about what you like - it's important to know your style, so that you don't end up just choosing what's "trendy" at the time of your reno or build.
Sift through websites, magazines, and pictures and pull the ones that catch your eye. Take down notes that describe the elements that you like in the photos - the colour palette, the door style, the flooring, the overall look, etc.

When meeting with one of our Kitchen Designers, you can bring these photos in as inspiration for the overall design.
Working with a designer will ultimately result in the dream kitchen design that you're aiming for. They will be able to implement your desires and needs for the space while keeping the style true to you.

When selecting the finishes to pull together the space, neutral is always a classic way to go.
Keeping the cabinetry and countertops a neutral tone will allow you to change with the trends in other ways - wall colours, hardware, accessories, etc. 
Try not to go too trendy in terms of materials - for instance, mosaic backsplash tiles are trendy now, but the busy look will most likely look dated in 3-5 years from now. 
You want to be able to keep the more "permanent" aspects of your new kitchen neutral, and leaning to a simple style.
For instance, what once was very popular was a raised panel, detailed door style. These now are looked at as dated and very traditional. While that may be your style, try to go to a simple version of the look you like. Keeping it simple will be more appealing to the masses (thinking resale value), and again will make it easy to keep up with the trends and update the look as time goes on.

Source: Decor Pad

Be sure to stop by our London or St Thomas showrooms to start the process with one of our talented designers. Leaning on their expertise and knowledge of kitchen design and how to achieve that classic timeless look will undoubtedly make the whole experience an enjoyable one! We look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kitchen Trends of 2014

At the London Lifestyle Homeshow, two of our talented designers took the stage to talk about Kitchen Trends of 2014.

In case you weren't able to attend, or wanted a re-cap of the presentation, see below!

Monday, 27 January 2014

2014 London Lifestyle Homeshow

It sure was a cold and snowy weekend, but the Lifestyle Home Show was bustling!
If you did not get a chance to see our booth in person, have a look at the photos below.
A huge thank you to all of our Team Members that made the booth a reality, and to our generous partners - Home Sense, The Lighting Shoppe, and Ambrose Plumbing for providing the final touches that brought the display together!

We also were awarded with the Best Multi-Booth Award! We felt very honoured to receive this!